Landscape @ Landmark Residence Bandung

Bandung is famous for its nickname as the " Flower City", but its popularity is decreasing nowadays. This is happen due to our climate change and global warming therefore the air quality has been affected badly. Taking that into account, we tried to bring back Bandung's identity as the "Flower City" to its best.

In the effort to achieve the goal, firstly we tried to improve the quality of life for the residence by creating more space for garden and open space. In total, the open space that has been created is around 70% of the total area.


At the ground floor area, a spacious open lobby corridor is designed to achieve natural ventilation that allows the wind to move around and create a cooler micro climate. This open lobby corridor also allow the residence to access and view any part of the garden anywhere they are. A truly harmonious mixture of architecture and landscape.


vertically, " Pocket Garden" is created on each floor to maximize the effect that will be given by the vegetation ton enhance the microclimate. Each tower has one special floor where the " Pocket Garden" has more space than the other. this common ground of garden would become another space for the residence to enjoy the view of the rest the garden below as well as Bandung Skyline in general. 

Bandung is also arguably famous as the “City of Art”, based on this such unique element is induced in the project. It is called “Thematic Garden”, where it is inspired by many painting movements throughout history.

Those chosen art and artists that inspired us were cubism, Matisse, Gustav Klimt, and Beehive.

Most of all, people who live there will have a great 'Main Green Spine' among towers as a very nice Valley with so many facilities such as an Olympic size swimming pool, kids pool, reflecting pool, water features, an Iconic-transparent glass Art Gallery with Fine-Art / sculpture inside and outside etc



  • Location
    Jl. Bima, Bandung
  • Client
    Istana Group
  • Type
  • Site area
    75.000 m2
  • Building Area
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