Landscape @ Pakubuwono Spring

The newest addition of Pakubuwono Development chain, it is called Pakubuwono Spring, located at Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The landscape concept is derived from its own name “Spring” which reflecting the feeling of freshness and pleasure in the residential. Thus creating a quality living place in a modern city lifestyle.

The Spring concept is being interpreted as the new colorful flower buds as well as the new leaves tip that grows during spring season. A green large lawn area as well as the green mounding of grass. Complementing those green elements, rich water feature were interpreted by a large pond and swimming pool for the residence to indulge.

Those feeling of freshness and pleasure can be seen from the main road outside. Even from far away, the passerby can see a lush green mounding in front of the premises. This green mound goes all the way to the top of the main entry building, unified to create boundless green mound. All the building amenities are hidden from outsider sight behind or below this green mound. Thus achieving a strong natural identity from outside.

The moment those residents arrived at the drop off area, they were greet with a rich water effect by having a large pond next to the floating main entry building. Not far at the back, a streaming waterfall was pouring towards this large reflecting pond. Behind it, a vast swimming pool as if providing the water with its sharp infinity edge.

Incorporating freshness and pleasure, comes a feeling of happiness and comfortable. Those feelings can be express in the facilities of this apartment such as playground, BBQ area, cammping ground, tennis court and basketball court aside from the previously explained swimming pool.

Those outdoor facilities were surrounded by many flowering trees such as Cassia javanica, Plumeria sp, Xanthostemon chrtsanthus, Lophanthera lactescents, Amhertia nobilis. Those flowering trees are accompanied by other shady evergreen trees such as Alstonia schlolaris, Diospyros celebica, Salix babylonica dan Swietenia mahagoni.


Last but not least, the rooftop of both towers are actually having another spectacular facilities such as an open air onsen complemented with gym at one tower, and basketball court with an amazing city viewing deck on another tower.

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