THE SAMIYA (Jasindo HQ Architecture Competition - 1st Winner)
The Samiya is taken from a sanskrit word meaning "balance". The main aim of the design is to achieve balance between human and its surrounding nature. A sustainable building is not only about making it a green building, but also about contributing to the improvement of urban life and environment. The Jasindo HQ is designed with following guidelines:
  • SINERGY to surrounding context and development
  • STREETSCAPE ENHANCEMENT through street corridor activation
  • GREEN by embracing three sustainability aspects: environmental friendly, people oriented and economic sustainability
  • URBANITY by intefacing a conventional working place paradigm with urban office concept

The Team:
Risa Prominda - Design Leader
Cahya Kurniawan
Ericko Limartha
Ihvan Pahrevy
Dela Lingkua
Michele Samudra
Adityantari Satriani
Daniel Febrian